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What is MySportsClub?

MySportsClub lets you be in full control of your sports club's operations. Designed with the Coaches, Owners, Managers and Administrators in mind, MySportsClub provides a platform that helps you track your club's activities in real-time from anywhere.

The platform provides dashboards about the training plans, achievements and performances to athletes and their parents. It empowers coaches to create realistic training programs and track the individual's progress across multiple sport and fitness related skills.

MySportsClub is designed to challenge and develop emerging athletes of all ages. It is based on the International Long Term Athlete Development Model and has been developed by studying the best international programs.

The Ultimate Solution For Your Sports Organization Management Needs!

Membership Management

Manual /RFID based Attendance

Online payments with real time receipts

On Demand / Automated Notifications

Training Plans


Athlete Performance Tracking

Revenue Tracking and Projection

Real-Time Dashboards for Everyone

Customized Skill and Fitness Assessment

A Comprehensive Cloud-Based Digital Platform For Sports Organization Management

What Is In There For You?

For OwnerS

For Admins

For Players

For Coaches

For Parents

Why Choose MySportsClub?

Future Proof Solution

Continuous Innovation in features and technology as per customer needs

Top Grade Security

Your data will always be safe and securely stored on Cloud in an encrypted format

One Platform - Many Sports

Single Platform catering to the needs of 50+ sports with customized solutions for all

40% Saving in Time and Effort

Save your time to spend with your loved ones and to follow your passions

Role Based Access

Authorize staff to access the features at Role level or Individual level

Easy to Access from Mobile (Android/IOS) / Web

Excellent UI and UX making it easy to use and manageable from any device

Insightful Dashboards & Reports for everyone

Always get updated with the real-time reports on individual dashboards

Digitized Operations

Forget paper notebooks and multiple spreadsheets - Transform your manual work digitally with a cutting-edge technology platform

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