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Analytics Features



Easy to understand graphical representation of members per month including incremental and dropout numbers.


Know how much revenue your club realized every month and payment status to identify leakages.


Analyze attendance patterns among players to identify retention risk areas.

Custom Analytics

We are happy to build dashboards as per your needs with the information that we have.

Assessment Features

Custom Assessments

Create custom assessments as per your needs and use them multiple times.


Easily set benchmarks based on the sports skills, fitness generates scores automatically based on the Player's actual performance.

Progress Reports

View trends in progress of the players in easy-to-understand and beautiful graphs.

Attendance Features

Update Manually / RFID System

Capture batch attendance manually or use an already integrated RFID system to records in / out times.

Monthly Trends

Check monthly Attendance trends on respective dasboards.

Attendance History

Generate individual attendance history and export report Track daily attendance for each member on the mobile app.

Bulk Attendance

Record attendance for the complete batch in less than 30 seconds through the mobile app.


Parents get notification after a child swipes in / out.

Batch Features

Batch Maintenance

Create Batches, assign fees, allocate Coaches and player with few clicks.

Batch Dashboard

Get all details for a Batch in a single view - Players, Coaches, Matches, Fees, Payments.

Recent Matches

Easily view recent matches, competitions, and related scorecards.

Communication Features

Automated Notifications

Everyone gets notified automatically about things important to them. Be it a payment reminder or a new match scheduled, you will never miss these important things.

Targeted Notifications

Send push notifications to everyone or only some - you can do it at Club, Batch, Role, or individual level.

Staff Feedback

Get feedback about your staff - Coaches/Admins and improve your team.


Act on member complaints and improve satisfaction among them.

Goals Features

Weekly Goals

Create, update and assign goals easily by setting targets based on sports and fitness-related skills.


Motivate young talent as they get points for goal progress which are visible on Player dashboards.

Sport Specific / Fitness Goals

Manage goals of 2 types - Sport Specific Skills and Fitness Skills as we know both are important for any Sport.

Membership Features


Easy onboarding of members through the mobile app or upload data in bulk through the web.

Activate / Deactivate

Activate and deactivate members through mobile or web app.


Analyze reasons for member dropouts and improve retention Dashboard to show monthly active member counts and dropouts.

Payment Features

Online / Offline Payments

Digital payment system integrated with best providers with custom receipt. We also provide the ability to accept and record offline payments.

Flexible Fee Structures

Create and manage your Fee structure (Monthly/Quarterly/Half-Yearly/Annual) for each batch.

Adhoc fees

Assign one-time fees at Batch / Player level.

Payment Status

Check total collection, outstanding by the player or by payment.

Automated Reminders

Get notified immediately for late and due payments.

Performance Features

Individual Performance- Skills, Fitness

Players get updated with overall performance based on sports, fitness, and skills. Check performance trends, get average scores, and skill-based analysis on the dashboard.

Scheduling Matches

Create tournaments and schedule matches with an easy selection of teams from your batches.

Match Performance

Record how your team has performed in every match they play inside/outside the club. Capture international-level metrics for the performance of every player.

Performance Dashboard

Dashboard for every player showing career summary as well as individual match performances.

Match Moments

Savor the memories of the match by adding pictures / videos.

Security Features

Data Security

Stay worry-free as all your data is stored with the best in industry encryption.

Role / Individual based access

Not everyone should have access to all the details - Define who can access what at the Role and at the individual level.


Any changes happening in data are recorded securely. Upon request, we can provide the details for any changes.

Training Features

Weekly Training Plans

Easily create weekly training plans and assign to batch or individuals.

Plan Approvals

Every training plan can be approved by the Senior coach with authority.


To help players understand about the training, attach videos for each activity from your mobile, repository, or internet.


Create a video / image repository so that you don’t have to look for specific videos every time.

Player Dashboard View

Players can view the assigned training plan on their dashboard and know in advance what activity they should be doing.

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